Cut Carbon Impact Index

Cut Carbon Impact Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have created incentives for meeting carbon reduction goals and that have successfully reduced their Greenhouse Gas emissions in the most recent fiscal year.

Gender Equity Index

Gender Equity Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have at least 20% women on the board and in the workforce.

The Sustainability ESG Index

Sustainability ESG Index is comprised of all* of those U.S. exchange listed companies that have executive compensation linked to Environmental, Social and Governance benchmarks as well as better than average sustainability rankings.

Fair Pay Equal Opportunity Index

Fair Pay Equal Opportunity Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have an Equal Opportunity employment policy and where total executive compensation as a percentage of company operating income is in the lowest quartile of their industry sector.

Targeted Maturity Treasury Portfolio

Treasury securities attraction as a “safe haven” during times of market stress makes them an ideal complement to stock portfolios. The challenge for investors is to know which ones to own. Using Sandpiper’s proprietary models of fair value, the Targeted Maturity Treasury Portfolio emphasizes long maturities when those rates are above fair value and short or intermediate Treasuries when long rates are too low. The benefit to our clients is having a fixed allocation of their total portfolio that potentiallyoutperforms during periods of market stress while earning a competitive risk free rate.

*Excludes tobacco, oil, gas & coal, defense primes, materials, agricultural chemicals, casino & gaming, small arms as well as thinly traded stocks under $2