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Responsible corporate boards adopt policies that are responsive to BOTH shareholder and community interests. Policies that promote Gender Equity, Fair Pay/Equal Opportunity, Sustainability and Reduced Carbon Impact are corporate obligations that too often are forgotten or ignored. There are companies that have adopted policies that are responsive to broader social values and we know who they are.

Dependable Returns

A disciplined investment strategy requires a consistent application of logical rules for screening and selecting eligible securities. The experience of managing money for clients through all of the major market cycles of the last four decades has been invaluable in informing Sandpiper Capital’s portfolio managers in their consistent efforts to reduce risk and capture potential returns. The ability to look at detailed daily performance records for investment models that go back decades helps us to maintain the objectivity and distance that is an absolutely necessity for a rational decision making process. That combination of many tens of thousands of hours of individual investment experience, advanced education in financial analysis and proven investment models has worked to benefit our clients as they use their financial assets to insure a secure future.

Investment models for both private and institutional clients

Proprietary tactical allocation models that actively manage risk and maximize potential returns on investment.  The services we offer to both private and institutional investors include:

Discretionary investment services comprised of customized strategic asset allocation designed to suit your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and personal values.
Sophisticated solutions fueled by proprietary investment models and outside research,
including Bloomberg, JP Morgan and Morningstar.
Management of your annuity sub-accounts as well as guidance on which annuities have the lowest costs.
Value coupled with the reliable execution and low transaction fee services of TD Ameritrade as custodian.
Our fees are only 1%/year on accounts from $100,000 to $10 million.
Cooperation with your existing financial relationships, lawyers, and accountants.

We share YOUR goals

As fee-only investment managers, we enjoy the commonality of interests that makes our job so simple:

To make your money grow predictably, safely and as quickly as the markets will allow.

To produce a dependable, growing stream of income.

To reduce your tax burden.

How Can We Help?

Individual Clients

Discretionary investment services comprised of customized strategic asset allocation models designed to suit your risk tolerance, investment objectives,
and financial circumstances.

Value coupled with the reliable execution and low transaction fee services of TD Ameritrade as custodian.

Sandpiper Capital Individual Client Services

Institutional Client Services Sandpiper Capital

Institutional Clients

Best Practice Company Indexes Highlighting companies who have adopted policies that reflect community values.

Proactive Investment Policies that align with those issues most important to You.

Cut Carbon Impact Index

Cut Carbon Impact Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have created incentives for meeting carbon reduction goals and that have successfully reduced their Greenhouse Gas emissions in the most recent fiscal year.

Gender Equity Index

Gender Equity Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have at least 20% women on the board and in the workforce.

The Sustainability ESG Index

Sustainability ESG Index is comprised of all* of those U.S. exchange listed companies that have executive compensation linked to Environmental, Social and Governance benchmarks as well as better than average sustainability rankings.

Fair Pay Equal Opportunity Index

Fair Pay Equal Opportunity Index is made up of all* U.S. listed companies that have an Equal Opportunity employment policy and where total executive compensation as a percentage of company operating income is in the lowest quartile of their industry sector.

Targeted Maturity Treasury Portfolio

Treasury securities attraction as a “safe haven” during times of market stress makes them an ideal complement to stock portfolios. The challenge for investors is to know which ones to own. Using Sandpiper’s proprietary models of fair value, the Targeted Maturity Treasury Portfolio emphasizes long maturities when those rates are above fair value and short or intermediate Treasuries when long rates are too low. The benefit to our clients is having a fixed allocation of their total portfolio that outperforms during periods of market stress while earning a competitive risk free rate.

*Excludes tobacco, oil, gas & coal, defense primes, materials, agricultural chemicals, casino & gaming, small arms as well as thinly traded stocks under $2


Sandpiper Capital’s Quarterly Economic and Market Commentary

“January 2019-The truth about recessions is that people don’t lose their jobs because the economy contracts. The economy contracts when people lose their jobs”

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Sandpiper Capital

Senior Manager of Sandpiper Capital.

Thomas Lukic Senior Portfolio Manager Sandpiper Capital

Thomas Lukic – Senior Portfolio Manager, CFA, CIC


Thomas Lukic Biography

Founding partner and managing member, Tom is a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as a Chartered Investment Counselor and Portfolio Manager. He has had primary investment responsibility for assets totaling in excess of $500 million for individuals, non-profits, and corporations.

Beginning his career with A.G. Edwards, he served as an outside advisor to a Virginia Bank Trust Department, a VP with the Asset Management division of a regional bank and as a partner in a regional independent Investment Advisory firm. His community activities have included serving in various volunteer capacities over the last two decades with United Way Of South Hampton Roads, most recently as 2012 Board Chair; serving as a founding member of Amnesty International’s Hampton Roads chapter; judging and coaching local elementary school children in annual Odyssey of the Mind competitions and providing stock market games and creativity coaching to elementary school classes.


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